Our Dayli programm for your ears

8 - 10 am - The "Wake Up - Morning - Mix"

Take a coffee, create your breakfast and listen to the emotional Sound of the

„Wake Up Morning – Mix“

Your Remixer: 
Jochen Ringl / Germany

10 - 12 AM - The Simon O'Shine Show

The great Uplifting-Show to start your Day with sport – energy and powerful Music

The Simon O‘ Shine – Show

Your Remixer:
Simon O’Shine / Poland

12 - 4 PM - Trancemix with tranzlift

The beautiful remixer tranzlift is composer / producer rom Switzerland. 

High Noon with a special remix. 

Trancemix with tranzlift

Your Remixer:
tranZlift / Danemark

4 - 6 PM - After Work with R. Asagui

The fantastic DJ from spain present the weekly set. 

Work is out – R. Asasui is on the turntable

After Work – Show  by R. Asagui

Your Remixer:
R. aSagui / Spain 

6 - 8 PM - Trance Motion - The New Entry Show

This is the original „Trance Motion – Show“ with Jochen Ringl from the headquater in Germany. 

Listen the new Playlist – entry’s for Trance Motion FM!

Your Remixer:  J. Ringl / Germany

8 - 10 pm - miXed Emotions with JRGC

Joan Ramon Garcia Cabades / Barcelona brings you a splittet set from Upflift to Emotional Remixes.

10 PM - 12 PM - The Ori Uplift - Show

The fantastic Set „The Ori Uplift – Show“ from our Partner Abora Recordings will spread your „Uplifting Heart“ every Week.

The Ori Uplift Show

Your Remixer:
Jesus OM / Washington DC